“In my 31 years practicing law, I have rarely if ever met a lawyer of such consummate professionalism as Sheri Goldberg. She is very hardworking, and has first rate analytical skills as a lawyer and as an advisor. In keeping with this, she has always maintained the highest ethical standards and unmatched integrity in the approach to her work. I recommend her unreservedly to anyone who wants an excellent lawyer in their corner.”

Posted on Linked In November 7, 2011 by Marty Schwam, General Counsel, The CIT Group

“As a business partner working in a large organization, I always found Sheri to be one of the most knowledgeable resources for both legal and professional advice. Her legal and business knowledge are expansive and she is one of the most professional people to be associated with. Sheri has always exhibited a can-do attitude and her outgoing personality and work ethic are some of her stronger traits. Her integrity and willingness to go the extra mile has never wavered even during the toughest of times.”

Posted on Linked In February 14, 2010 by Debbie Minter, SVP, The CIT Group/Consumer Finance, Inc.

“Sheri was instrumental in motivating the school district to agree to make assessments that led to diagnosis and appropriate treatment of my student. Prior to retaining her services the district refused any assistance. Once Sheri came on board we were able to progress and settle the issue. Sheri is exceptionally well versed in educational law and was able to guide us through the process and we eventually accomplished our goal. We will always be grateful for her assistance and sensitivity as well as her compassion in this matter.”

Name withheld May 28, 2012

“I am the parent of a then struggling 18 year old senior male on the autism spectrum.  After repeated attempts on our part to get our son even what I considered minimal requests, I turned to Sheri Goldberg for help.  The District still refused to give in at all.  Thanks to Sheri who saw our case all the way through the State of New Jersey Office of Administrative Law, we received services beyond our possible imagination.  Our son received an out of district placement for 15 months at a prestigious transition school with transportation included at the district’s expense.  They also picked up the cost of a functional behavior assessment, as well as private tutoring up to $300/week for that one year.  We have Sheri’s tireless effort to thank for our son starting to turn his life around.  He went from an introvert to a student who had to be reminded to stop socializing and get back to work, and had his first girlfriend to boot.  Sheri  takes the time to listen to both the parents’ and student’s concerns and needs, and then just plain goes after it.  Bottom line is you can count on Sheri to listen to what you want and need, and then to do everything possible in her power to see it through to the very end.”

August 14, 2012 by Kevin, grateful parent


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